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CT-800A Computerized Tonometer

    • 3D Auto Alignment function allows quicker and easier measurement
    • Smooth operation
    • 5 inch wide touchscreen control panel
    • Soft air puff
    • Higher measurement success rate for eyes with IOL, in the IOL measurement mode
    • Compensated IOP values with central corneal thickness values*
    • Compact designed body
    • Easy set-up with a LAN network*Adjusted Tono Value is reference value.


3D Auto Alignment Function maintains proper alignment with the patient

3D Auto Alignment feature maintains XYZ alignment even during small eye movements, providing consistent and repeatable measurements.* An operator follows the alignment guidance on the monitor for initial alignment, and then alignment and measurement start automatically. 3D Auto Alignment function supports easy operation.

Wide 8.5-inch Touchscreen Control Panel

The new CT-800A is equipped with a wide 8.5 inch color touchscreen panel featuring clear, easy to read icons allowing the operator full control of the unit during the measurement process.

Soft Air Puff

Software controls the optimal amount of air required for every measurement on each individual eye. A soft air puff means less stress on the eye, resulting in an improved patient experience.


The IOL mode supports improved success rate to measure eyes with an IOL.

Adjusted Tono value*

The CT-800A is able to calculate Adjusted Tono Value from measured IOP to manually inputing the corneal thickness value measured by other devices such as a pachymeter.
* Adjusted Tono Value is reference value

Easy to follow guidance

Follow the initial alignment guidance to position the instrument, then the Auto Alignment and measurement feature will take over.

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