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IQ577 yellow multi spot laser


The Advantages of Innovation

°  True yellow, 577 nm wavelength for peak absorption in oxygenated hemoglobin

°  Patented MicroPulse technology for Fovea-friendlyTM MicroPulse Laser Therapy for retinaldisorders, and repeatable MicroPulse Laser Trabeculoplasty for glaucoma therapy

°  DualSenseTM provides quick and simple selection of multiple delivery devices for RFID and SMA

°  Voice confirmation to aid surgical techniques

°  Intuitive graphical touch screen interface with high contrast color display Ergonomic and Easy to Use° Dual port for simultaneous connectivity of laser delivery devices
° Convenient 3-knob control offers dedicated interface to minimize steps in making adjustments ° 10 programmable user presets

Optional Accessories

° Full-Featured Remote Control

– Compact design for easy placement on a slit lamp table or use in the operating room

– Displays can be seen from multiple vantage points, allowing more convenient usage of space

° Wireless Footswitch

– No cord, no clutter, no limitations

– Available with power-adjust to control laser actuation and power settings

Why 577?

The IRIDEX IQ 577TM laser system offers a true-yellow, 577 nm, wavelength with peak absorption in oxyhemoglobin and is minimally absorbed by xanthophll (see Figure 1) which allows treatment closer to the fovea. It also offers:

°  High transmission through dense ocular media1, 2 and less light scattering than shorter wavelengths which minimizes spot size and reduces thermal spread

°  Consistent laser lesions for fast procedure time (see Figure 2)

°  Enhanced visibility for reduced intraretinal damage2 enabling early observation of very light tissue reactions at

the level of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE)

°  Lower transmission to deeper tissues,2,4 and low power requirements for increased patient comfort3

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