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Merilas 810 shortpulse®

New laser therapy for advanced and end-stage glaucoma


Superior Quality & Longevity

The Merilas 810 shortpulse® is cooled by a unique thermal electrical cooling system. No ventilation slots are required. This ensures that no dust can penetrate into the interior of the laser.

The housing of the laser head is made of an high grade aluminium  giving the unique solid feeling of Meridian products while moving the laser.



The Merilas lasers convinces with their fast start – up.

The detachable touch display with glass technology ensures flexibility and cleanliness at the workplace. The user interface is easy to use thanks to its intuitive design.

Due to our special and unique thermal-electrical cooling system there are no disturbing noises or air turbulences.

The Merilas laser are small and compact, they can be easily transported. Each laser comes with a robust and practical transport case.


To ensure safe handling, the continuous wave and short pulse mode are set in separate menus.

The wavelength of the laser can be easily identified by the coloured ring around the fibre coupling. As additional safety functions, the laser has a key switch and an easily accessible emergency stop button

Flexibility & Comfortable

One laser: Two clinical applications (Glaucoma and Retina treatments)

Due to the small and compact design of the laser and its handy carrying case, the Merilas 810 shortpulse can be easily transported to other practices or clinics.

The principle of shortpulse®

  • In short pulse mode a pulse duration consists of many alternating short bursts and intervals.
  • In contrast to the continuous wave (CW) mode, the tissue is not heated very much in the short pulse mode – tissue is treated more gently.

Wavelength benefits
Why 810 nm? 

  • The 810nm wavelength is less absorbed by melanin and hemoglobin.
  • This wavelength has the advantage of penetrating the sclera and excessive hemorrhage.


Main clinical applications

Retinal Photocoagulation with Endo Probe

Diabetic Retinopathy

Central serous chorioretinaopathy

Diabetic Macular Edema

Central/Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion

Retinal Tears, Holes, and Detachments






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