Wave-Front Analyzer KR-1W – Optik Medikal

Wave-Front Analyzer KR-1W

  • 5 functions in 1 machine:
    (Auto-Refraction, Keratometry, Aberrometry, Topography and Pupillometry)
  • Multiple maps for overview analysis
  • Decision support for cataract and refractive procedures
  • Less stress with invisible light measurement at topography
  • Easier operation with R/L fully automated measurement and touch panel


IOL Selection

Important factors in making the right IOL selection for your patient at one glance.

Corneal Higher order Aberration Index

This index provides information on the potential visual outcome considering the aberration that cannot be corrected by an IOL, Additional treatments, i. contact lens fitting or corneal surface treatments, might be necessary to optimize the outcome.

Post Refractive surgery Index

This index provides information on corneal irregularities possibly caused by previous surface treatments of the cornea, This might lead to the necessity of calculating the power of the IOL with non-standard formulas with special attention.

Corneal Spherical Aberration Index

This index provides very useful information on the asphericity of the cornea. This gives you the opportunity to select the right monofocal IOL to compensate for the spherical aberration of the patientscornea.

Corneal Astigmatism Index

This simple display of corneal astigmatism provides information for two important decisions,
a. Amount of toric correction needed in a toric IOL b. Patients with a high corneal astigmatism might not be the right candidate for a multifocal IOL

Review after Toric IOL Implantation

The result after implantation can be reviewed to check residual ocular astigmatism,


Screening application to evaluate eyes for multifocal IOL implantation or refractive surgery.

The index of Ocular Total Higher Order aberration, refraction data are provided in photopic and scotopic condition.


Corneal Refractive Surgery

For any refractive procedure it is vitally important to diagnose the pupil very carefully in different light conditions.

Also for refractive surgery this tool gives you the necessary information to plan your treatment.

Dynamic Pupil Diameter Measurement
and Pupil Center Determination

This information is very important for premium OL implantation, as it will give you the possibility to select the right multifocal IOL design for the individual eye and also help exclude extreme cases of pupil decentration before surgery.

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