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TOPCON Pascal Pattern Scanning Laser

  • The original Pattern scanning laser with Highest quality, and largest installed base
  • Strong body of clinical evidence using PASCAL Pattern Scanning Laser Treatment in 532 nm and 577 nm wavelengths –more than 20 peer-reviewed clinical articles.
  • Redefining Laser Therapy
    photo-thermal stimulating Endpoint ManagementTMtechnology
    – Provides freedom to treat closer to the fovea without fear of causing retinal damage or vision loss
    – Allows for greater physician flexibility and control in providing therapeutically effective, vision-sparing treatment of retinal disease
    – Superior to Micropulse technology due to Landmark Patterns providing visible indicators of the treated region and “one touch” interface
  • Affordable pricing-competitive to single spot lasers.
  • Multi-functional-PASCAL Lasers can Treat Both Retinal and Glaucoma Disorders
  • PSLT*(Pattern Scanning Laser TrabeculoplastyTM) for Glaucoma
    – Minimally traumatic computer-guided therapy for Laser Trabeculoplasty
    – Successfully reduces IOP without scarring and burns
    – Auto-advance feature increases speed and accuracy of treatment
    – Retreatment is available for the patient
    *Not yet available in the US.


Endpoint ManagementTM:Redefining Laser Therapy

Endpoint Management (EpM) uses photo-thermal stimulation, which selectively stimulates the RPE without the destruction associated with conventional laser photocoagulation. Using EpM, you can precisely reduce the power and specifically affect RPE cells.

EpM begins with titrating laser power to a hardly visible burn, then the clinician selects the percentage of that energy to be delivered to the treatment locations. Landmark Patterns provide visible indicators of the treated region.

EpM can be used for PASCAL lasers with 532-nm or 577-nm laser wavelengths for macular treatment and for PRP.

PSLT (Pattern Scanning Laser TrabeculoplastyTM) for Glaucoma

The scanning technology and precision of PASCAL systems uses a tissue sparing laser delivery modality for laser trabeculoplasty. Pattern Scanning Laser Trabeculoplasty (PSLT)* provides rapid, precise, and minimally traumatic (subvisible) computer-guided treatment with exact abutment of the patterns. The patterns readily align to the meshwork, allowing faster and easier applications compared to other laser modalities. Physicians can now use their PASCAL lasers for glaucoma management with either ALT or PSLT; along with other conventional procedures.

The advantages are clear:

  • Computer guided treatment
  • Non-destructive procedure
  • Clinically effective
  • Ability to retreat if necessary
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