We are able to meet all needs from A to Z, which may be needed by an eye clinic on demand, and realize customer-oriented projects.

OPTIK MEDIKAL, one of the oldest companies in Turkey over 50 years in ophthalmology and optical markets. OPTIK MEDIKAL is exclusive distributor representative of the world’s leading ophthalmology equipment manufacturers in Turkey. Our company is proud to be the most preferred company in major health investments in Turkey.

In all Turkey’s major health investments, it is possible to see the signature of OPTIK MEDIKAL.

Almost all reputable universities, public and private hospitals of our country are included in the reference list of OPTİK MEDİKAL. Our main references are; DünyaGöz Hospitals (WorldEye Hospitals), Acıbadem Hospitals, Medical Park Hospitals, Memorial Hospitals, Florance Nightingale Hospitals, Bayındır Hospital, American Hospital, German Hospital, İstanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Education Research Hospital, İzmir Kent Hospital, Başkent University Hospital, Fatih University Hospital , Mersin UniversityHospital , Çukurova University Hospital, All Hospitals of Foundation Headquarters of Göz Nurunu Koruma Vakfı


OPTIK MEDIKAL is following the latest technological developments in the world. Developed for eye clinics and used in Europe and the United States; CAD (Computer Aided Computer Aided Ophthalmology Ophthalmology; IMAGEnet i-base) is engaged in the marketing of their programs in Turkey over 50y.


To bring our specialized teams together with our valuable customers; The most rational, simple and accurate project is to present to you. To be a company that provides reliable solutions in all conditions to its customers by targeting business excellence ..


To ensure that Optik Medikal is the pioneer in introducing new products including advanced technology to the market and the first choice in meeting the demands and to maximize the service quality of our company. Our aim is to meet customer demands completely and to increase customer satisfaction.

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